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A little about us…

The word ‘Kaleidoscope’ is an ancient Greek word derived from 3 words –  kalos (beautiful) +eidos (form) + scopos (to see). We at Kaleidoscope believe that’s what the church should be – a beautiful form.

As every church allows ‘the light’ to shine through it, it becomes something beautiful, relevant and inviting…regardless of it’s appearance, size and expression. Simply put, we’re a community of everyday people trying to be a positive influence – however, whenever and wherever possible.

Every Sunday we meet at 4.30pm and gather together around real coffee, conversation, art, music, worship & teaching. We welcome anybody to come along as we together, explore a biblical theme and how it might be outworked in our everyday lives. Everyone is free to share their views in a safe, non-judgmental environment.

We also run a discussion meeting every Tuesday fortnight for those interested we meet in Frankston.