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We have a number of creative people at Kaleidoscope, David is a brilliant Creative Writer.


David has led a team of writers at a Creative Worship night that Michelle holds once a term.


For more information or if you would like to get involved please contact info@kscopecc.org.au 


Below is one of David's creative works.


Placebo Town 

Is ' Love ' just another four letter word ...

given a life sentence ?

    Sometimes too little

       Sometimes too much ... Such is life .

Is this existence a swirling vortex ...

of which I must make sense ?

Am I , you , we living a pretence ...

at truth's expense ?

Are we colour living in contrast ?

Or black and white ... out of focus  ?

Just a biological blast projected on some

future past ?

Am I ' True Blue ' ... me ... we ?

Am I well and truly set free ...

              and in the presence ?

     Living within the heart and soul

of Holy mindfulness ?

Providence with purpose ..

    I am on a promise . The word given ,

In name , in deed , and in person.

The one who is faithful and true .

  Honestly , apparently , a loving spoonful

of truth ... a divine recipe.

With integrity like a hot shot of espresso coffee .

Am I only decaf ... or just Blend 43 ?

Having been plucked , roasted & ground

in a place called Placebo Town .

Loving justice ,  the knowing ,

showing mercy... requiring the giving and taking

of the occasional selfie at the

Right & Royal Navel Gazing Academy .

Virtuosity... an unexpected journey.

The answer searching the altitude of latitude , 

     as all hell brakes loose ,

               and the heavens descend .

Finding a true friend .

       Even better , a Saviour... 

           a brother,  with a spare dime ,

at the Laundromat of Space and Time .

   As the Good Samaritan crosses tribal lines ,

   through the headwinds ,

                 at the crossroads ,

                    the wonder of a sign ...

from the One who shadows over a multitude of crime .

Not the rumor of a gossip from the marketplace....

         not a trace .

            Not the whisper of a sound ,

 heard through the din...of Placebo Town.

The Taker ... climbing the crater of wordly power , with his pants on fire ,

   another master's apprentice

                 from the golden tower .

Silver tongue preaching to the rat race choir ,

     as All Star Evangelical guns for hire

strut the catwalk of dog eat dog empire .

Where the trained to heel are

     ' keeping it  real ' ...

          whilst cutting a deal .                   

  It's always peak hour on the indiscreet streets ...

       the zero ground ,

             in a place , an empty space ,

                       called Placebo Town .

      Where mercy gone missing

   Where grace freely taken ...

but not given , by the heirs and graces

of the unforgiving.

       Where truer words never are spoken .

     Where oppression the weapon ,

   and deception the poison .

  Malicious and religious...

both domestic and foreign .

      Where souls are downtrodden and

broken ...

dwelling in the cellar of Placebo Town

  The Seafarer  ... seeking truth .

Does all plain sailing make you

     ...  a plain sailor ?

Prepare to be boarded and searched ,

by the Goodship Captain ...

and the interstellar fellow traveller ,

from escalator to service elevator .

With permission , on a mission ,

my soul to retrieve ...

Lost in the weave of a wicked web ...

A weave so tight

      you'd forget how to breathe.

One stich at a time , crossing a finite line ,

as virtue retreats...

     in the land of giant deceits ,

         going down in Placebo Town .

So down and laid low ,

         past tired and sore ,

               like a piece of junk mail

                    shoved under death's door .

I felt the flow of water living ~ uplifting .

Heard the whisper on the wind ~

like a mighty roar .

   ' Ten Four ' , above and beyond ...

and even more .

  The Angels. , from every angle , in awe

and keeping score .

  The Living God commands ,

                  as death so demands ,

                                 honesty in totality !

How can any man ,  born of a woman , stand ?

  Before the shadow surrounds you ...

a fear you just can't break through ,

look to the Son .. in person ,

to the One who is faithful and true .

      Kingdom Come !

  The Dinki Di , out from the shadow of the sky ,

  as dark energy switches back to light

and dark matter , with glory , reignites .

The concealed revealed from way on high.

  The curtain coming down ...

         on a place called Placebo Town.

  The pusher pushing for proof ...

Is Life a one shot self inflicted wound ,

eternity bound , down the barrel of a gun ?

  In a land of bumper sticker opinions ,

it seems , everybody's got one .

No truth to be found in Placebo Town .

        Chasing a desperate treasure ,

    beyond hunger's full measure ...

Over black seas , under red skies ,

past the last post to the hitching rail ...

Covered in the dust of a crooked trail ,

with a past you just can't disguise ...

in word or deed .

  In need of that wonder working teflon ,

the truly fair dinkum .

  When all said and done ...

        look to the Son .

            Ashes to diamond

                ... Kingdom Come !

      The believer true ...

Integrity you just can't drill through.

The Environmental Criminal now recycling

every blessed molecule.

Life , for a time , a privilege divine ...

Recreation , revelation , the sensation ,

endless~loving ~morning sunshine .

The infinite sublime ...

  Rivers and streams to cross .

From valleys deep ,

   the mountains to climb ,

       in the shadow of your wing .

Unity in purpose...motivation service ,

to the Lord of all things.

   As the bell of truth rings ,

I've still a way to go , till I get to the sea

 ... through all the to and fro .

May the road rise and the waters flow.

   Hope , faith , love  and all that

      an unexpected tomorrow can bring ...

         as the crow flies ,

                and the Angels sing .


                                ~ by david redpath